Its cruel to keep animals in cages

To a human in our society and probably all otherscages bars are more than a barrier. It is important for all of us, from casual observers to scientists who study animal behavior to purge our inherent desire to see ourselves in the animals, both for the unfair criticism of zoos and well-being of all captive animals not just zoo animals.

Likewise, there is no need to personally meet people of other cultures and traditions anymore, since one can easily get the remote and switch to Its cruel to keep animals in cages National Geographic Channel.

The Sad Animals in Zoos Myth

How can I get in on that? For me I think my fish are happy and they make me happy.

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She went to check on them and came back and told me that two of them did not need to see a vet—cages 10 and A woman and her three kids brought in a hamster to return because she was sneezing and seemed to have an infection. Zoos claim to be safer places for animals than their natural habitats.

August 10, at 3: Battery Cages Destroy Chickens' Minds Chickens outperform both dogs and cats on tests of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral complexity.

Fifteen dead animals in the fridge today—mostly hamsters and a bearded dragon. In cages they are feed daily, don't get blown away or have to search out their next meal and not prey to others.

Born in a cage and grew up in a cage. Fed crocodiles and been picked up and carried by an affectionate elephant. Both isolated at 8 a. I told her I had looked at the notes on the chart, but that didn't change the fact that their current conditions were terrible.

They fare much better than they would in the wild. It's barbaric and cruel. Animals that get injured get helped and let back out into the wild where they can run free. Just a few moments of empathy should show us that this is not what the animals would want The Mee family bought the zoo without any prior experience, so not surprisingly Ben found it "harder than I thought" — so hard that its operating company has gone into liquidation despite a TV deal and a planned Hollywood film.

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These animals are being kept in captivity. A2 brought her back to the sick room before the vet could see her and told me that since she was improving, she did not need to see the vet.

They never have to worry about escaping predators, or where their next meal will come from. Read "Thought to Exist in the Wild" for a great overview of the history and reality of zoos and the suppliers of the animals.

During an undercover investigation at the PetSmart store in Manchester, Connecticut—a store that has a Banfield companion animal hospital right inside it and that PetSmart boasts of as having an "outstanding pet care team" and an "exceptional pet care record"—PETA documented more than small animals, including hamsters, domestic rats, lizards, chinchillas, and birds, who were deprived of veterinary care and slowly dying in the store's back room, out of customers' sight.

She has swollen paws and sores, and to me it seems like she also has possible mouth sores. They never perch, forage, take a dust bath, nest, or explore their surroundings. One had a tiger-breeding programme with the owner of the country's most controversial animal circus.

And the argument that we must see these animals in the flesh in order to appreciate their unique qualities is ludicrous. They had both died on November So I will just do what I can to keep them as stress free as possible thumbs2: The zoos need to go!because Animals did nothing to us to keep them in cages,the reason is we think they are dangerous while there is no other animal hates its own species just for a few differences such as religion or color.

Other cruel practices include tearing baby animals away from their mothers and keeping animals in cages and chains, they said. More: Tapas, vegan pasta, poke: College food is like restaurants.

It is cruel to keep animals in cages! It IS cruel to keep animals in cages. It is an unhygienic and unhealthy way to live, the animal loses its natural instincts and the animal has rights too.5/5(1).

Apr 27,  · It is most definitely cruel to keep any animal confined in cages. An animal is so carefree in its own environment.

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It knows of no restrictions. I will be stating my reasons to why I think it is cruel to keep animals in cages.

My definition of this topic is: cruel: Causing pain or suffering to innocent animals or living organism. Its not cruel. Firstly animals will die if they are not bred and where are they bred at zoos. Zoos breed animals that are endangered so animals don't get extinct.

Everyone thinks that it is cruel to keep animals in cages but I would say how about everyone just think of the logic behind the debate.

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Its cruel to keep animals in cages
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