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To create human embryos solely for research--or to sell them, or to use them in toxicity testing--seems morally wrong because it seems to cheapen the act of procreation and turn embryos into commodities. Furthermore, such testing would itself fail to ensure that human cloning had not occurred, as the baby could be a clone of an unknown or unrevealed person, rather than being a near genetic duplicate of one of the parents.

Such cloning holds no therapeutic value whatsoever for the clonal embryo as, far from benefitting from the research, the embryo is destroyed in it.

The sheep, named Dolly, was revolutionary in the Bioengineering world because it was the first mammal The most major breakthroughs of the century in science hasoccurred To ignore this responsibility would be to engage in morally unacceptable age discrimination, resulting in the disregard for and destruction of human life based solely on its developmental stage.

That some individuals would be destroyed in the name of medical science constitutes a threat to us all. Genetic engineering has been one of the most controversial ethical issues since ; when Dolly the first successfully Abuse of human cloning essay sheep was announced.

In support of this assertion, we offer the following: Cloning humans and cloning technologies can also help researchers in the field of genetics. Although cloning has some advantages, a lot of ethical issues have erupted resulting to major debates on the appropriateness of commercialization of human beings given the fact that, cloning makes it possible for humans to sell body parts for cloning purposes.

As a result, the threat to levy fines on or otherwise punish those who clone often would not serve as a deterrent. These other forms need special consideration. Any being that is human is a human being. The Council of Europe has already passed a ban on cloning; to date, 24 countries including Germany, France, Italy and Japan have already enacted national bans on cloning, while 16 have banned creation of embryos for research purposes.

Within the novel, males are characterized as skilled, cunning, smart, and powerful; they are associated with dogs. This attitude towardscloning has been held into belief up until recently when scientists in Scotlandcloned a sheep.

The destruction of human embryos is profoundly disturbing, and research which necessitates such an act should be proscribed--regardless of the potential for scientific and medical gain. Components of the egg cell called mitochondria contain their own DNA; thus, provided that the egg cell donor and the donor of DNA are different individuals, a human clone would not be wholly identical in the genetic sense to his or her progenitor.

Second, if the laboratory creation of clonal embryos was permitted but the implantation of such embryos was banned, logistical problems regarding enforcement of such a system would undoubtedly arise.

The inapt picking of egg cells can increase the risk of somatic cells mutations, which may even trigger the growth of malignant cells making the situation even worse[4].

The three clones each h Failure to set standards which are ethical will cause this country--and perhaps others--to reap once again the tragic consequences of unethical scientific and medical research. This latter type of cloning involves the creation and subsequent destruction of a clonal human embryo for the purposes of scientific or medical research.

The debate on Cloning all began in with the birth announcement of a sheep named Dolly. Our nation is on the cusp of reaping the long dreamed-of rewards from our significant investment in biomedical research.

The recent succession of advances in non-embryonic stem cell research indicate that we have not yet reached that point of determination. While the cloned individual will look like a carbon copy of the donor in terms of appearance, the personality of the two individuals could be world-apart from each other.

Or is it a start of a new generation?

Writing a Cloning Essay: Pros and Cons of Human Cloning

Studying signal transduction along with genetic manipulation within the early human embryo has the potential to provide answers to many developmental diseases and defects.Technological abuse is one aspect that can come into the picture once human cloning becomes a prominent feature. Imagine what a corrupt guy will do after cloning himself.

There will always be someone or the other who will try to abuse this technological advancement to the extreme.

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0 Like 0 Tweet. It is understood that using forms of genetic manipulations has great potential, if the usage is based on the idea that it will be used to improve /5(4).

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Potential Abuse of Human Cloning. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) Rating: Excellent. The Pros and Cons of Human Cloning Essay - The cloning of humans is now very close to reality, thanks to the historic scientific breakthrough of Dr.

Ian Wilmut and his colleagues in the UK. This possibility is one of incredible potential. Human cloning is the creation of a human being whose genetic make-up is nearly identical 1 to that of a currently or previously existing individual.

Recent developments in animal cloning coupled with advances in human embryonic stem cell research have heightened the need for legislation on this issue.

we are witness to the gross abuse of. Essays supporting human cloning published by the Human Cloning Foundation Note: The Human Cloning Foundation does not have the resources to check the factual accuracy of all the essays that it publishes. Animal Abuse Essay. Abuse of Animals in the Circus.

Animal abuse tends to take the backseat to human abuse but it can often be the first signs of an abusive personality and of possible physical and emotional abuse of a person.

Abusing animals is can be the first sign of a potential serial killer. Animal Cloning Should Be Banned; The.

Abuse of human cloning essay
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